Monday, June 18, 2012

We have wood!

Our sales rep took a drive through the neighborhood Sunday and found this:

Hello wood! It wasn't supposed to be delivered until today, and I definitely wasn't expecting anyone to work on Father's Day (hope all of you great fathers out in the bloggersphere enjoyed your day). Hopefully this means they will start framing a day earlier than planned...if not I won't be mad.

A few more pictures of the basement:

So far everything is running smoothly. If this keeps up we may be well on our way for a final walk-though slated right now for the 20th of August!


  1. Those basement stairs will come in handy I am sure.

  2. Timika, everything is coming along nicely! I like the placement of the well exit! Wood is a good thang!!!!!

  3. So jealous of the welled exit! Too much dough for us to put those babies in!