Friday, June 8, 2012

A little foundation goes a long way...

So Steve was able to sneak off of work early today and drive to Waldorf to see what was happening
 on the lot, and look what he found:

We have foundation folks! Our PM stated that they are will work on the electrical and plumbing rough-ins, and plan to pour the concrete on the 18th. The pre-drywall meeting will be held soon as well.

The single welled exit. I like the fact that its on the side and not directly in the backyard. I saw a few homes in the community with the exit leading out to the backyard, but I felt that it would interfere with what we planned to do as far as the patio.

Since we do not have the Rome model in our neighborhood, we never got the chance to actually experience the space for ourselves. The PM was nice enough to allow Steve to look inside a Rome that is being built two lots down from ours. Steve was impressed with the amount of space we would have; we knew it was over 3060 square feet without the finished basement but we couldn't actually see how big it was. I'm sure I'll find a way to fill it up with furniture!

In other news that had me excited yet sad at the same time, he stated that he wants to have the house completed and have the final walk-through done on August 20th--my birthday. I'm excited to know that it will be completed in a timely manner, but I hate that I won't have the opportunity to experience the walk-through myself since I will still be here in Korea. I'll just re-create the walk-through three days later :)


  1. A walk through in your new home is going to be awesome! I love the ROME floorplan! We chose it because it offered the most square footage for your dollar plus I was able to customize it to our needs! When you include the morning rooms on both levels, the finished storage rooms and basement it's nearly 4500 square feet!!!!

  2. I wish I was able to walk through it with Steve but I told him he will have to Skype me through it! The model is definitely the size I was looking for; I though initially the sq footage included the basement. When the sales rep said the footage was before the morning room and the finished basement I was floored! We plan on converting one of the storage areas and adding an additional bedroom, so we will have tons of space!