Thursday, July 26, 2012

A little more progress...

Stopped by the house, and the porch columns were up:

The guys began prepping the house for the second coat of paint and concrete for the driveway as well:

The kitchen countertops are here! I can't wait to see them against the cabinets.

At the rate they are going, I'm sure the driveway will be complete by the end of the week...and I'm not complaining!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Paint, cabinets and stone...oh my!

Two days ago all we had was just siding with nothing much happening on the inside. But my oh my what a difference a few days make! Steve called me and told me he sent pictures, and I was so excited by what I saw!

 We have stone! He decided to enter the home, and found at least 25 workers in there taking care of business.

The stair banisters in the dining room! They will be stained a cherry color to match the hardwood floors.

Kitchen cabinets! There is mess all over the place but I am happy to see it all!

Some of the workers scattered the moment he entered the house, but he was able to catch a few of them working. In this picture you can see the cutouts in the ceiling where the surround sound speakers will go.

Loving the mantle!

The small closet in the mud room area:

Bedroom 4

Bedroom 3


Bedroom 2

Owner's bedroom. I love how spacious it is!

Facing the sitting area and Steve's closet...he's still bitter that mines is bigger! 

Cabinets in the bath. We decided to go with the same color cabinets throughout the home. We also went with double sinks in both bathrooms.  

The toilet area and my closet. The sales rep stated that there wouldn't be a door for the toilet room, but I'm happy we got one.


Behind this door is where we plan to turn the storage area into another bedroom and bathroom. We got the rough ins so that we could convert it when we are ready to. 

I know I have posted a lot of pictures lately, but I'm so excited about the progress! Just a few more weeks and the home is ours. Next up is the tile in the bathrooms, a second coat of paint, final heat, electrical and plumbing.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The start of siding!

The siding phase has begun on the house, and Steve arrived just in time to capture some of it in progress:

Areas where the stone will be on the porch:

While going through the house, he noticed that there were a few broken windows in the 3rd and 4th bedrooms:

He spoke with our PM Duane (who is awesome by the way), and he stated that windows get broken all the time during construction and they take care of them once the air is on and everything needs to be closed up and tight.  He does have the extra windows in the trailer, so he assured that we should not worry.

On his way out Steve noticed the truck that had the stone on it arriving at the lot...YAY! Hopefully that's all up and ready when he goes back to check on the house on Sunday after visiting his parents.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Drywall! (Day 42)

Stopped by the house yesterday and took pictures of the drywall:

Next up is the garage door installation and the trim delivery arrives and painting begins. One day closer!