Thursday, July 19, 2012

The start of siding!

The siding phase has begun on the house, and Steve arrived just in time to capture some of it in progress:

Areas where the stone will be on the porch:

While going through the house, he noticed that there were a few broken windows in the 3rd and 4th bedrooms:

He spoke with our PM Duane (who is awesome by the way), and he stated that windows get broken all the time during construction and they take care of them once the air is on and everything needs to be closed up and tight.  He does have the extra windows in the trailer, so he assured that we should not worry.

On his way out Steve noticed the truck that had the stone on it arriving at the lot...YAY! Hopefully that's all up and ready when he goes back to check on the house on Sunday after visiting his parents.


  1. Love the siding color! We have a couple broken windows too. They just delivered ours and they're in the garage. Good to know they will be installed after AC.

  2. I love your siding too! Can't wait to see it with the stone!

  3. I'm totally jealous of your garage door. We got a boring one.

  4. Thats a nice elevation that you all have chosen.

  5. Jealous of your porch! We can't get that elevation in our neighborhood. Or so I've been told so far. Haven't decided whether I want to push the issue yet.

    We're building a Rome, too...still making final selections and waiting on loan approval. I'd love it if you followed my blog and put your two cents in:

    Can't wait to see what happens next! :)