Thursday, July 26, 2012

A little more progress...

Stopped by the house, and the porch columns were up:

The guys began prepping the house for the second coat of paint and concrete for the driveway as well:

The kitchen countertops are here! I can't wait to see them against the cabinets.

At the rate they are going, I'm sure the driveway will be complete by the end of the week...and I'm not complaining!


  1. Hi Timika, it's so beautiful to watch your home!! I can't wait to see kitchen too and what it will look like with the winestone shutters.....soooooo pretty!!

    1. Thanks Nadase! I was nervous about the countertops against the cabinets at first since I had to pick out everything via Skype, but once Steve was able to go over and look at it face to face I was put at ease. Then I saw another blogger with the exact cabinets and countertops, and I loved it!