Friday, June 29, 2012

Heating, AC and plumbing rough-ins (day 25)

Steve was sweet enough to make another trip many miles down the road to take pictures during the rough in phase:

We got a front door!

I wonder do they actually follow the rules...

Plumbing for the kitchen sink

Water line for the fridge...never seen it coming up from the floor

Fireplace rough in

First floor half bath plumbing

Owner's bath double sink plumbing

Shower and tub rough in

Secondary bath double sink rough in

Basement finally has a door

 Hot water heater, AC unit

Sump pump! Still trying to figure out exactly what this does...

Next up is framing punch out and electric rough ins over the next few days. On Tuesday Steve will meet up with Guardian at the site to ensure the wiring is placed where we would like it to be.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Frustration (part 2)

The loan process from the start has been a bumpy one with NVR. When I signed my contract on  March 16, I was told that NVR would get in touch with me within a few days to get the loan application rolling. Days went by, and when I did not hear anything I took it upon myself to email the loan officer on March 28th. On April 12th, I emailed again, and he apologized and stated that he was really busy but was just about to email me. In the email he stated the items he would need for the application and would send the link to the forms, and on the phone I told him that I would send the check via certified mail through my bank that day. The check was ordered, but no link was given. On the 18th, I emailed him again asking for the link, and it was sent to me on the 21st. At this time, he states that he cannot accept the check because it was dated before the application was signed. In my head I'm thinking "If you would have sent it on the day you said you were, we wouldn't have this problem." He wanted another check and to have me cancel the previous one, but since it was certified I would incur the cancellation fee. I told him he could give me back the check, and I would give another one when I had my pre-con meeting.

After that conversation, the amount of correspondence we have had has been limited unless I initiate it. I received an email from the loan processor on May 10th asking for additional info such as bank statements and allotments I had coming out of my paycheck, however it was the same info I had given the loan officer previously. So here I am, on a cruise, trying to send the same information again so the underwriting part could continue.

On June 4th, I emailed the loan officer asking about the status of the loan, and come to find out the loan was approved on May 23rd. No one bother to tell me that info! AGAIN why do I have to ask all of the questions? Why do I have to continuously ask for status updates? As of June 17th I had yet to receive the official letter stating the loan was approved, so I email again to check the status of that, if any additional info was needed to close, to see when I can lock the loan rate as well as  inquire on when I can close on the home since no one bothered to tell me. He replies a day later stating that Ryan Homes decides the closing date, and any additional info needed loan wise will be handled by my loan processor. He cc's both the loan processor and the sales rep on the you think they bothered to contact me? NOPE! So here I am once again emailing everyone. I emailed the sales rep last week to see if I could close on the 27th of August--no response. Emailed the loan processor to see when I can lock in my rate--she tells me the loan officer handles that. Do Ryan Homes and NVR talk to each other? Do employees of NVR talk correspond with one another when they are handling a mortgage case? So now I have to go back to the loan officer and ask when I can lock my rate...UGH!

I'm proactive in everything I am involved in. I like to be kept in the loop on issues that affect me, and with me attempting to secure my first mortgage I would like to be involved in every step possible and kept abreast on things. This has been the most stressful thing I have ever attempted to do, and NVR hasn't been any help. I am hoping all continues to go well with the building of the home, and NVR comes through in the end. But as of now, I am totally dissatified with the company; they should not expect a great critique from me if I am required to fill out one.

Did anyone else have the same issues with NVR?

Monday, June 25, 2012

What a difference a few days make! (day 22)

Steve stopped by, and was able to catch the guys in action today. So much has happened over the past couple of days, the second floor and roofing! A lot of pictures:

Love the bay window!


The county required an additional window in the family room

Dining room

Glad to see they moved the morning room door like they said they would!

Bedroom #4

Bedroom #3


Owner's bath, closet area

Owner's bedroom/sitting area

Garage entrance to the mudroom

They had the basement blocked off so he wasn't able to get down to that area. Tommorow the begin rough heating and air conditioning, and rough plumbing over the next few days. It's becoming so real!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Framing, framing, framing!

The SR emailed us on Wednesday with a pic:

Framing has begun! Steve stopped by later in the evening for additional photos, and even saw something that was out of the ordinary.

View of mudroom and pending stairwell down to the basement
Dining Room

Our friend Jay standing in the pantry area

Hole for the stairs down to the basement

In the hallway facing the morning room (Jay is trying to point out where the family room will be...DUH!)

Family Room

Third window area in family room

Steve says this is where the bay window in the living room will be, but shouldn't there be a cutout for it?
Above the porch

Morning room
Steve looked outside where the sliding door would go, and found this:
Yep, the pending sliding door is ABOVE the welled exit!

We both knew immediately that this was a no-go, so I called the PM to let him know. He stated that the guys put the sliding door wood up on the wrong side of the morning room (no $**t) and it would be replaced and moved to the correct side. Steve is making a trip down there today to ensure that it has been fixed. 
This has been a great week building wise, I never knew framing could be so exciting!