Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Draintile/plumbing ground work phase

Steve stopped by the lot today to see what has been going on the past few days, since this is the time frame where they would input the drain system around the foundation and connected to the sump pump. They also installed the pipes that will be under the basement floor as well as for the three piece plumbing we got for a future bathroom.

More random pictures...there are a lot more but I didn't want to bore anyone:

He realized (finally! I've been telling him this for days) that the morning room door will be on the side of the house and not how it shows on the virtual tour where it lies behind the family room and in the backyard. We don't remember seeing this during the pre-con meeting and all of the plans were laid out in front of us. I guess since the welled exit is on the side of the house, the morning room exit door would have to be the same on the opposite side. We will have to figure out how we will have the deck now since we had another idea in mind.

The side where the door will be

In the meantime I am on countless websites trying to figure out how I want to decorate the family room, dining and living rooms. Fun and stressful at the same time!


  1. You all are making great progress with your home! I am really digging the side well exit! Very nice placement!

  2. I like the side exit as well! Things are moving along, before you know it, it will be August! Not that I'm complaining :)