Friday, June 22, 2012

Framing, framing, framing!

The SR emailed us on Wednesday with a pic:

Framing has begun! Steve stopped by later in the evening for additional photos, and even saw something that was out of the ordinary.

View of mudroom and pending stairwell down to the basement
Dining Room

Our friend Jay standing in the pantry area

Hole for the stairs down to the basement

In the hallway facing the morning room (Jay is trying to point out where the family room will be...DUH!)

Family Room

Third window area in family room

Steve says this is where the bay window in the living room will be, but shouldn't there be a cutout for it?
Above the porch

Morning room
Steve looked outside where the sliding door would go, and found this:
Yep, the pending sliding door is ABOVE the welled exit!

We both knew immediately that this was a no-go, so I called the PM to let him know. He stated that the guys put the sliding door wood up on the wrong side of the morning room (no $**t) and it would be replaced and moved to the correct side. Steve is making a trip down there today to ensure that it has been fixed. 
This has been a great week building wise, I never knew framing could be so exciting!


  1. They will make the cut for your bay window after they are done framing. My PM told us that they just frame the house up and then go back later for the detailed stuff, such as our tray ceiling. I can't believe they put that door above your welled exit!!! Were they drunk?!?!

  2. wow!!! how in the world did they not notice that?! lol @ CMM "drunk". EXACTLY

  3. I think they were drunk, or confused and a little out of their mind because of the 100 degree weather! I thought how could anyone put that up and not notice what it sat above? I actually laughed when I saw the picture, but I made that phone call real quick to the PM. I was like how do they expect me to put a deck around that? LOL

  4. Its so ludicrous that it is funny! Crazy stuff but at least they are going to fix it.

  5. Good thing you caught that! If we decide on a deck, we are going to have to cover 2 of only 3 basement windows. I wish I had caught this before construction started, so I could have moved the basement windows.