Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Loan process/pre-construction meeting

Our loan officer has been more proactive lately. We did have a hiccup though, when he initially emailed me on the 12th, he stated all of the items he would need to process the loan--including a $550 check for the appraisal and credit report. When we spoke on the phone that day I told him that the check would come directly from the bank and that I would do so that immediately, and he even sent me the address to where the check would be mailed to. Well, since he decided to wait to send me the link to access my loan documents, he received the check before I could sign them. He emails me on the 21st stating that I would have to cancel the check and issue another one--and issue for me since the check was an official one and if its cancelled I would incur the fee. If he would have just sent me the link to the documents the day he created them (April 2nd), it wouldn't have been a problem when he got the check on the 17th! He decided that he could cash the check and give me back the money, and I produce another check--fine by me. We will clear all of this up when I come up to meet the SR in May.

I submitted my loan application; so many documents needed--tax statements, W-2s, bank statements, copy of my ID card--I killed a few trees for sure! I'm hoping that all goes well and we are able to proceed; he currently has the settlement date as 24 August so maybe that's a good sign :). Our credit is really good, so we really shouldn't have any issues.
Steve was notified that the project manager would like to speak with the both of us during the pre-con meeting, so they pushed it back to May 14th when I am back in the States. At first I was upset that I wouldn't see any progress when I came home on leave from Korea, but now I have come to terms with it. At least now I will feel more involved in the process and the PM will go line by line on what will happen. I'm hoping they will at least break ground before I fly back to Korea on the 25th.

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