Friday, August 17, 2012

And the verdict is in...

We received great news today...the appraisal VA required is complete, we have FINAL APPROVAL on our loan, and we are on schedule to close on the 27th! The first question I asked my loan processor was if I was in the clear to start shopping, and she said to shop until my heart's content! Huge relief! I'm so ready to begin buying items for our home, I just hope Steve's ready for the credit card bill! I kid, I kid, it will be paid off before he goes through the roof :)


  1. I'm glad they are letting you shop now. We kept asking, but we had to wait until after we closed. Of course the moment we got our keys, we went straight to the furniture store to order our new bedroom set:-)

    1. I am trying not to go too crazy with the credit card in case they decide to pull another credit report at the last minute (hopefully not). I can't believe we only have six more days!

  2. that's awesome i hope we can go ahead and start a lil early too. lol @ i kid.