Saturday, March 31, 2012


I may not have mentioned this before, but I am attempting to build a house all the way in Korea while my boyfriend is in Richmond, VA. The home will be built in Waldorf MD, so he will have to make the commute to attend the meetings. What's frustrating me at this point is the lack of communication I am receiving from my sales consultant, loan officer and anyone else I should be in contact with. I made some of the initial choices over telephone and Skype to get the legal documents and contracts sent to me, and that took a week to receive. It then took another week for the documents to reach the consultant (being overseas sucks right now), and I mailed the initial deposit directly from the bank. Other than the email of "we have received your check and the legal docs", I have heard very little unless I initiate the conversation. The worksheet she gave me stated that the loan officer will call me--nothing. It also says that I should have contacted CTI and Guardian within 14 days of the grace period--I now know they will also call me AFTER I asked the question of when did the grace period began. I asked what type of power of attorney should I get for Steve since he will make the decisions, and after two weeks of "let me check on it" I did one on my own to ensure he would be good to go. She now tells me that the amount that I put on the POA will not allow him to make upgrades to the flooring or security wiring. I'm even more confused now because the purchase agreement lists one price, so I was under the assumption I could pay for all of the upgrades to the company directly or at closing and not have it wrapped into the loan. She replied with "anything at closing but it still has to be reflected in the sales price until closing". Again, why am I having to ask all of the questions??

I guess I had high expectations during this process. I thought I would have someone be proactive and tell me what the next step is, and not wait until I ask a question after there have been days or weeks of silence. It's hard enough that I am thousands of miles away attempting to build a home that will be ready while I arrive, but to have a consultant that barely makes any initiative to ensure her customer is well informed is disappointing.  I am reading some of the blogs and some had docs signed, loan approved and home built within four months. I am five months away and I feel I am going nowhere.

                                           Another home across the street almost complete


  1. Hello, I just found your blog and I completely understand your frustrations. We just built a home in Waldorf as well and I started out the process while in Iraq, I'm currently stationed in Hawaii and I don't PCS until August. My husband was in Alexandria, VA when we began the build but he was only able to visit the house once a week sometimes once every two weeks due to his job. You will definitely need to be proactive but if you need any help or want more info as to what we encountered or what we did please feel free to let me know. I'll be more than happy to share our experience and our lessons learned. Congrats on your new home! And by the way we also have the same color scheme on the exterior of the home...excellent choice!

  2. Hi JW, I just saw pictures of your home and it beautiful! I'm glad to know that there is others out there that had the same frustration. I am due to PCS from Korea myself in August so I am hoping we can close by then.

  3. I just found your blog! I am building with Ryan too. I'm building the Yorkshire....which is the model that you have a picture of in this entry!

    So you and JW are both military women? Awesome! My husband just got out of the Army in February. It sure makes life a lot more simple :)

    I look forward to reading about your journey with Ryan homes. My projected closing date is July 20th --- pretty close to yours!

  4. I have the exact same frustrations about our loan officer as well. We are constantly having to call and check up and make sure things are good. He doesn't initiate with us at all and its really annoying. I actually voiced my displeasure to my SR who made a note of it and told me she would take care of it. Have you let your SR know?

    1. Hi Amy, sorry I am just now seeing this. Unfortunately, my SR hasn't been the greatest either. In the beginning she told me how she would be there every step of the way, and would take pictures of the progress as I am not there to do it myself. She has sent a total of three pictures since the start of construction. I have had to contact her repeatedly with questions I had since no one contacted me. She's been proactive the past week or so which is shocking.