Thursday, January 24, 2013

30 day inspection--four months late!

So I took a break from blogging to focus on our new home. I had furniture to buy, walls to paint and furniture in storage that had to arrive, and before you know it 30 days turned to 60, and 60 turned in to 90 days since we moved in. Only then did I realized, we had not had our 30 day inspection! Our PM did tell us to wait until all of my items from storage arrived, that way any damage that occurred during delivery they would fix. My last delivery arrived mid October, and it took me a while to finally get everything the way I wanted. Next thing you know, the holidays were coming up and the inspection eluded us once more.

We finally decided enough was enough, so we started blue taping all of the issues we found. The main problems we discovered was the caulking around the banisters, stairs, bathtubs and the fireplace. We had a couple of pops in the floorboards and under the carpet.  A couple of nail pops here and there, yet no issues with the walls that we painted. We set up our appointment, and the guys showed up ready to go this morning even though it snowed late last night.


  1. Nice to see you BACK!! I was wondering how you all were doing and it's great the the issues are quick repairs.

    When do you plan to post pictures? Can't wait to see your new Rome decorated. They just built a Rome in our community in Prince George's County!

    I can't wait to see! How are you enjoying your new home??

  2. Totally enjoyed your blog. We are coming in from Italy and are buying lot 03 in Piney Grove. Will be nice to have you as a neighbor. Latoya over at the model home has been a pleasure for us. So far no issues.

    1. Welcome to Piney Grove! There's still so much building to be done in the neighborhood, but our street is almost complete. I drove past your house today, its coming alone rather nicely! If you need anything on this end let me know.